The DCE Girls Basketball 10,000 Shot Club is a chance for all DCE Girls in Grades 2-8 to improve their shooting skills over the summer, giving each athlete a goal they can achieve.  The Shot Club consists of shooting routines, working a variety of shots and shooting drills. There will be videos and demonstrations available on the DCE Girls Hoops Website and our Facebook Page! Here is how you can be part of this fun summer program:

There is a different shooting program for girls by grade level.

Grades 2-4* work on the basics of form shooting (B.E.E.F.), layups and fundamental shooting.

*Grades 2-4 is an adjusted to an age-appropriate 5,000 Shot Club

Grades 5-6 work on B.E.E.F., layups, fundamentals and game simulation shooting.

Grades 7-8 work on all the above in addition to strengthening their off-hand skills.

No registration needed and you can begin anytime this summer by downloading your Shot Log form online or save an electronic version. Simply fill out the shot log over the summer. Kids have until October 1 to complete their Shot Log. Email it in before October 1 to You can also print and turn into a Youth Coach or mail to DCE Booster Club President, 223840 Arrowhead Trail, Ringle, WI 54471. The program is designed to be 10 weeks in length and have kids shoot 5 days a week.

Shot Logs By Grade

**Be sure to be using the correct Shot Log for your grade level!**

Download or Print PDF:   Grades 2-4  |  Grades 5&6  |  Grades 7&8

Download Excel** Shot Log:  Grades 2-4  |  Grades 5&6  |  Grades 7&8

**Be sure to click on the correct tab at the bottom of the excel file for your grade level.

Videos & Resources

 What is B.E.E.F.?


What is the Mikan Drill?

The following criteria/guidelines should be followed during your Shot Club experience:

• Players can start shooting as soon as they would like and add those shots to their totals recorded from June through September

• Have your parent(s)/guardian initial every week of program shots and sign at the end verifying players completed their goal.

• Deadline for returning shot charts is October 1.

“It has often been said that teams are made during the season and players are made over the summer. By working on your game this summer and getting quality shots up and ball handling on a daily basis you will improve your shooting and give yourself and your team an advantage over your competition. Everyone can succeed and you are encouraged to shoot as much as you can.”

Shot Club Members will have their name on the DCE Girls Hoops web site, recognition at a Varsity game and receive a DCE Girls Basketball Shot Club shirt. HAVE FUN! You Can Do It!

Got questions? Email us at