2013-2014 Conference & Regional Champions!

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Wisconsin Valley Conference Champions

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2014-2015 Season Clothing Now Available

The Clothing Order Form is now available for the 2014-2015 season.  To place your order, go to www.lidsteamsports.com and click on “Flash Stores”.  Use Flash Store ID 37393.

Once you order, there should be an option to pick a player you are ordering from/for. Our players receive a credit for their order they have already placed if you select them. If you know someone in the program in grades 10-12 who has already placed their team order, please select that player when you order. Otherwise you can just put in under the name “Matthew Bullis”.

The sale is open now until November 3rd.  All orders will be shipped to Coach Bullis, and the girl you choose to put your order under, will deliver that to you when the clothes arrive in 3-4 weeks.

Thanks for all your ongoing support of DCE Girls Basketball and we look forward to seeing you come out to support our girls this season. Go Everest!