Having a winning team is so much more than what offense, defense, or out of bounds plays you run.

It’s about a myriad of LITTLE things that turn out to be really BIG things by the time the season is over.

Championship time is the perfect time to watch the great teams compete. The best teams seem to always have that special something. Unity. Cohesiveness. Most simply put, they have teamwork.

Leadership is the essential element of teamwork. It starts with the coach and works through each person. Teams can have the most talent on the court but if there is a lack of leadership, everything falls apart. Leadership keeps a team together. Quality leadership must have a philosophy of service, compassion and justice. A team needs to know they are loved, that their best is expected, their job is to serve others, and there are consequences when we mistreat each other. Everyone wants fairness and strong leadership knows how to nuance fairness in a way that serves the team. Not everyone will be treated in the same style but everyone will be respected.

  • Teamwork = Sacrifice. Individual commitment to the team to sacrifice yourself for the good of the team. Play for the name on the front of your jersey not the back.
  • Work Ethic = Success. Players effort and work ethic to improve their games on their own will elevate the entire team.
  • Love It = Live It. If you love something, you will put in the sacrifice and the long hours. DCE players know that we believe in them and we expect their very best. They can expect that from coaches. We walk on the court thankful to play this amazing game. We love it so much we want to be the best.